New Webinar Recordings Are Available on MBMA’s YouTube Channel

The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) has released two new series of webinar recordings that are available on MBMA’s YouTube channel. Energy Code Compliance for Metal Buildings consists of three episodes totaling two hours, while Fire Resistance Design for Metal Buildings has five episodes of approximately 20 minutes each.
These webinars from MBMA detail the specific codes, standards and design issues related to energy and fire resistance that engineers, architects and builders need to know and understand when working with metal buildings.
“Keeping up with all the relevant codes and standards is a daunting process,” notes MBMA Director of Architectural Services Jay Johnson, LEED AP, and host of the Energy Code Compliance webinars. “These videos are based on our live webinars. The MBMA YouTube channel is a resource for anyone interested in energy codes, fire resistance and metal building systems.”
Most state and local governments have adopted either the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) or ASHRAE 90.1, or both. The energy code compliance videos provide a review of these codes and standards as well as information on how to apply the building envelope requirements to metal building systems. The first episode in the series introduces the viewer to insulation prescriptive compliance, which allows the building design to be based on materials dictated by the specific codes. Parts 2 and 3 discuss compliance according to the 2015 IECC and ASHRAE 90.1. The final episode provides a review and examples of the trade-off method using the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s COMcheck software.
The fire-resistance videos focus on the updated fire codes and standards necessary to meet them. The first episode introduces the viewer to fire-resistance design basics. Part 2 reviews the basics of fire resistance-rated assemblies, while Part 3 provides an overview of metal building system fire resistance-rated assemblies for columns and roof-ceilings. The last two episodes detail the fire resistance-rated wall assemblies and wall joint assemblies for metal buildings. These videos review MBMA’s UL-rated assemblies and incorporate portions of MBMA’s Fire Resistance Design Guide for Metal Building Systems.
These videos and more can be found on MBMA’s YouTube channel. Please subscribe to the channel to receive updates and notifications of new videos from MBMA.

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