NFRC Educates about Benefits of Energy-performance Ratings via Video

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has introduced a new video that educates homeowners about the benefits of its energy-performance ratings for windows, doors, and skylights.

The 1:44-long video adopts the homeowner’s perspective. By explaining the NFRC label as a tool to identify the fenestration products that can help make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient, it empowers them to make a more-educated purchasing decision.

“We already offer our stakeholders a lot of technical information,” says Deb Callahan, NFRC’s CEO. “Our goal for this video is to educate homeowners so they can choose windows, doors, or skylights with confidence.”

Callahan said the video will also help position NFRC as a homeowner advocate and clarify that the organization ultimately serves the public.

NFRC created the video after research showed that homeowners benefit from knowing that NFRC ensures windows, doors, and skylights are tested properly, rather than by understanding how the organization’s rating, labeling, and certification program works.

Given its commitment to serving the public and developing partnerships in the green building community, NFRC will disseminate the video to its members, retailers, and various allied organizations, encouraging them to post it on their websites.

“It can be challenging for any one organization to work single-handedly and make meaningful inroads,” Callahan adds. “But we can all benefit from collaborating to educate homeowners about the role energy-efficient fenestration plays in their home.”

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