NGA White Paper Provides Information about Delayed Forced Entry Security Glazing in Schools

The National Glass Association (NGA) has published a new Glass Technical Paper (GTP) titled “School Security Glazing“. This paper provides information on delayed forced entry security glazing options for windows and doors installed in schools.

“This GTP was written as a supplement to NGA’s recent “Security Glazing” GTP. It contains an easy-to-read quick reference chart that will be of great help in narrowing the product choices based on the level of security desired,” indicates Urmilla Sowell, NGA advocacy and technical director.

The paper outlines the types of security glazing available based on the level of penetration resistance required. It also features a summary of active standards in use related to educational facilities for glass-only testing, as well as glazing system testing, including ASTM International, ANSI Z97.1, CPSC 16 CFR 1201, CAN CGSB, UL and FEMA’s publication, “Primer to Design Safe School Projects in Case of Terrorist Attacks and School Shootings”.

“The task group of glazing professionals recognized the importance of helping school communities understand the levels of protection glazing can provide,” explains Jen Daly, 3M and NGA task group chair. “We hope this guide is a helpful tool in educating those making decisions on their school security options.”

Thank you to the volunteer members who served on the School Security Glazing task group:

  • Jen Daly, 3M, Chair
  • Julia Schimmelpenningh, Eastman Chemical Co.
  • Vaughn Schauss, Kuraray America
  • Brett Jones, Manko Windows
  • Ron Gerhardt, McGrory Glass
  • Jim Gulnick, McGrory Glass
  • Dan Laporte, McGrory Glass
  • Chad Snyder, McGrory Glass
  • Paul Mouton, Midwest Glass Fabricators
  • Melissa Szotkowski, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
  • Rick Wright, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope
  • Tom Niziolek, SWM International
  • Devin Bowman, Technical Glass Products
  • Rob Carlson, Tristar Glass
  • Jeff Haberer, Trulite Glass and Aluminum Solutions
  • Aaron Thompson, Viracon

Download the complimentary GTP, which is available among a host of additional resources in the NGA Store.

View complimentary webinar recordings related to security glazing in schools produced by NGA within the 2018 Thirsty Thursday archives and under On-Demand Education for Architects.

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