NIBS Convenes Exclusive Roundtable to Advance and Elevate the Building Industry

The National Institute of Building Sciences has convened an exclusive list of leaders from public and private organizations to develop a solution to advance and elevate the building industry.

The meeting took place Feb. 4. Key partners included Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and government agencies, including the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. General Services Administration and U.S. Federal Highway Administration. Representatives from the practitioner, technology and academic communities also are participating.

“2020 reinforced the critical role that technology plays in all aspects of what we do,” says Lakisha A. Woods, CAE, president and CEO of NIBS. “The business of building needs an update that will lead to better productivity, safer work environments, cost-effective solutions and a larger pool of diverse talent to meet industry demands here and globally. This is our moonshot to meet the significant challenges we face.”

NIBS is leading the creation of a National Building Information Management Program. The goal is to create a solution at a national scale to enable digital process standards that will streamline business, accelerate the effectiveness of the supply chain, provide predictable processes, improve project outcomes, and drive efficiency.

Construction comprises 13 percent of the global economy. And while the U.S. already plays a tremendous leadership role in delivering innovative technology and design and construction services to a global marketplace, we lack the same leadership to tackle industry productivity and efficiency problems to benefit asset owners.

Learn more about the NIBS Building Information Management Council and its mission to help the North American real property industry become more efficient.

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