Noribachi Named One of the ‘Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America’

Noribachi, a U.S.-based custom LED manufacturer for high-output commercial and industrial lighting solutions, was recently recognized as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur360 Performance Index, a study delivering a comprehensive analysis of private companies in America. Based on this study forged by Entrepreneur, Noribachi is recognized as a company that exemplifies growth, not just in top and bottom line, but also in sustainability and ability to achieve lasting success.

“Those honored have identified a problem, come up with a unique solution, and bravely built their enterprises around it,” says Ryan Shea, president of Entrepreneur Media. “They’ve accomplished new ways of producing sustainable growth and are an inspiration to others who want to fulfill their own entrepreneurial goals.”

“We are proud to be recognized by Entrepreneur magazine in the ‘Forward Thinker’ category of the Entrepreneur360 Performance Index,” says Christy Anderson, vice president, marketing, Noribachi. “Due to our rapid growth, every day is unique but under the leadership of Rhonda and Farzad Dibachi, our vision is clear. You don’t have many opportunities to work with entrepreneurs who not only have a vision but who also inspire and support those around them to achieve greatness.”

Noribachi applies a unique Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored (BEST) manufacturing methodology. This methodology enables Noribachi to custom engineer all its LED lighting products, from light output to motion sensors, to each customer’s exact specifications. The company’s methodology has resulted in 1,972 percent growth in revenue in the past three years, as well as numerous business accolades, including being named to the Entrepreneur360 Performance Index.

Through in-depth surveys, the team of editors and researchers behind the E360 Performance Index collected more than 250 pieces of data from hundreds of participating U.S.-based companies, focusing on growth drivers and challenges, goal setting, resource allocations, and reward systems. The analysis uncovered a subset of companies, including Noribachi, whose continued success is largely based on superior value creation for their customers, building an adaptive learning culture, and aggressive geographic expansion—making them the most dynamic firms in America today.
According to research conducted by the Business Dynamics Research Consortium (BDRC), less than one percent of U.S. businesses expanded capacity three or more years out of the past five. On average, they grew by 41 percent over the period whereas all other surviving companies lost an average of 4 percent. Based on the their analysis of 19.1 million for-profit U.S. businesses, sustained growers are statistically more likely to survive and continue to grow over the next five years than any other group of businesses in the economy.

“The companies identified in the E360 Index are sustained growers, and based on our research, have proven adept at navigating the changing challenges of their marketplace to win new business and grow their output capacity year after year,” says Gary Kunkle, senior research fellow at the Business Dynamics Research Consortium and research partner of the E360 Performance Index.

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