Novagard Donates Building Materials to Tornado-ravaged Community

Novagard Solutions Inc., a U.S. manufacturer of foams, sealants, coatings, lubricants, and thermal management products for the electronics, transportation/automotive, manufacturing, construction, medical and military markets, has donated 38 skids of its NovaFlex & NovaBond silicone and hybrid construction sealants (caulk) and weather-stripping to tornado-ravaged Dayton, Ohio. In May, the Dayton, Ohio, area was devastated with over 15 tornados damaging homes and businesses with rain and high winds. The materials donated directly to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton will be used to install windows, doors, siding, shutters, and roofs. Two trucks, donated by MDL Logistics, transported the materials worth over $200,000. With over 30,000 tubes of caulk, thousands of homes will be able to be repaired and made livable before winter sets in on the damaged community.

“We have many employees from the Dayton area, and we felt this was a great opportunity to step in and address a critical need,” states Sarah Nash, CEO of Novagard. “Novagard is in a position to help with the recovery and repair of scores of homes. We also appreciate the partnership with Habitat for Humanity which is coordinating the use of our products directly with contractors.” Click here to view local news coverage of the donation.

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