Nudura Launches Podcast Series about Insulated Concrete Forms

Nudura Corp., a provider of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), launched a new podcast series about ICFs. Led by technical services manager Keven Rector, each installment offers design professionals, architects, homeowners and contractors an in-depth look at the benefits of ICF technology and its continued adoption of the building technology in the residential and commercial sectors.

The initial series of three podcasts focuses on the history and wide variety of uses for ICF in the residential and commercial sectors. Rector also discusses installation best practices, changes in code requirements, and specific case histories, including how ICFs were used to build the first LEED certified Net Zero school in Richardsville, Ky.

“Input from the building and architectural design communities is absolutely critical to the development of Nudura’s innovative line of ICF products,” says Rector. “We are pleased to be able to reciprocate our commitment to this industry by sharing industry insights and answering commonly asked questions to increase awareness and understanding of this technology.”

Throughout the podcasts, Rector addresses the factors behind the building technology’s evolution and growth, and which new innovations can help ease design and installation challenges. He explains recent successes of products, including the NUDURA One Series, a newly designed ICF that offers users the ability to create a wide variety of custom form combinations for a variety of building types.

Nudura’s ICF technology is designed to allow homes and commercial buildings to be built with a focus on energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability. The durable systems also provide excellent cost efficiency, and can be integrated as part of a structure or used to build from floor to ceiling. As part of its commitment to environmental responsibility, Nudura provides substantial green building benefits and contributes to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Program.

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