NYSERDA Names a Vendor for Its Real-Time Energy Management Program

Aircuity announced it has been named a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Qualified Vendor for the Real-Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program. NYSERDA offers a 30 percent cost-share incentive for building owners to deploy energy management solutions, such as Aircuity’s platform.

“We are very excited to be an approved RTEM vendor,” says Walt King, NY regional sales manager with Aircuity. “This represents a tremendous savings opportunity for our New York customers both in terms of upfront costs as well as savings for ongoing Aircuity Assurance Services. This makes it even easier for building owners to provide occupants with healthier and more productive spaces while reducing energy use and their utility bill.”

The RTEM NYSERDA program helps support implementation and subscription costs for a period of five years. New and current Aircuity clients can take advantage of the program. In many cases customers are also eligible for local utility incentives, such as those through Con Edison, further reducing costs and Aircuity’s already quick payback period.

For more information please view Aircuity video on RTEM.

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