OCL to Expand Its Human-Centric Lighting Solutions

OCL Architectural Lighting has announced a partnership with BIOS Lighting Solutions, an innovator in the biological application of LED lighting, to expand its human-centric lighting solutions. BIOS SkyBlue is available in most OCL lighting fixtures to meet the needs of any application and maximize the health impact of the lighting.

BIOS emulates the makeup of nature’s light spectrum, resulting in lighting products that our bodies respond to. While tunable lights are designed to color, these lights are engineered to physiology. And that’s what makes OCL + BIOS different.

“At OCL, we’re committed to sustainable lighting solutions that enable high performance buildings and transform how people live and work,” says Brad Glotfelty, marketing manager at OCL. “With our new partnership with BIOS, we can continue to create lighting that not only elevates experiences, but health and wellbeing too.”

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