Office Chair Made of Recycled Fishing Nets Supports Clean Oceans

Humanscale has launched the Liberty Ocean chair. Building on the success of its Smart Ocean chair, Humanscale has designed a new version of the Liberty chair using 2 pounds of recycled fishing nets, which is widely regarded as the most harmful type of plastic. As one of the first task chairs ever made from this material, the manufacturing of Liberty Ocean directly supports clean oceans by utilizing abandoned, lost and discarded fishing nets that damage delicate ecosystems and the marine life that inhabit them. This latest launch reflects Humanscale’s continued commitment to creating products that look after the well-being of both people and the planet as a whole.

Humanscale has launched the Liberty Ocean chair, which uses 2 pounds of recycled fishing nets, which is widely regarded as the most harmful type of plastic.

The Liberty Ocean chair joins 25 other Humanscale pieces, about 60 percent of sales, recognized by the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge (LPC) as certified climate, water and energy positive. The net positive certification provided by LPC, which is considered the most advanced sustainability standard for products, verifies that the manufacturing process for each of the certified products has a positive environmental impact. To qualify, each individual product is audited across twenty sustainability categories such as climate, waste, water and more. Within each category, the product must measurably give back more than it takes. Humanscale becomes the first company ever to offer any product — let alone 26 — certified as climate, energy and water positive. While other companies have set goals to be net positive (or net zero) in the next decade, Humanscale offers net positive products that customers can buy right now.

The Liberty Ocean chair offers the same innovative mesh technology providing unparalleled, seamless support as the original Liberty task chair but with more sustainable manufacturing practices. Additional features include: a self-adjusting recline that automatically provides the right amount of support regardless of size or weight, a pivoting backrest that provides instant support as the sitter changes positions, a form-sensing mesh back that creates body-fitting contours, self- adjusting lumbar support for a customized fit, and adjustable or fixed armrests that connect to the backrest instead of the seat to stay with the body during recline. The Liberty Ocean comes in a variety of finishes, including mesh, fabric and leather options.

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