Order Fully Customizable Vanity Units with Integrated Sinks

The Furniture Guild's guildstone countersinksThe Furniture Guild's guildstone countersinks

The Furniture Guild's guildstone countersinks

The Furniture Guild’s guildstone countersinks

The Furniture Guild has changed the way that bathroom vanities and sinks are made. Its guildstone countersinks allow customers to order fully customizable vanity units with integrated sinks. Everything is made to order, from the dimensions of the unit itself to the shape and placement of the sinks. This ground-breaking development has opened a whole new world of design possibilities.

guildstone countersinks can be used with any vanity from The Furniture Guild’s vast collection of fine bathroom furniture. Choose from edge thicknesses of 1/2 inch up to 4 inches and overhangs of 1/2 inch or flush fitting. Opt for a single sink, double basins or more. There are currently seven sink designs available, including ovals, squares, rectangles, troughs and slot drain designs that are available with standard 21.5- or compact 18-inch counter depths. Sinks can be offset to meet customer specifications and the surrounding countertop can be made to custom sizes.

guildstone is a mixture of ground natural minerals and binding agents that are liquefied, poured and then hardened. The result is molded stone with a non-porous seamless bowl construction that is easy to clean and maintain. guildstone countersinks offer similar benefits to Corian and quartz in that they are solid all the way through with no hollows, layers or voids, but products are unmatched in customization options. As with all products from The Furniture Guild, are hand-crafted in the USA. Approximately 70 percent of its material is organic, including minerals mined from the earth, making a truly “green” substance that is renewable and eco-friendly.


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