Otis Elevator Launches IoT Solution in China

Otis Elevator Co. (Otis) has reached another milestone in its digitalization journey with the launch of its Otis IoT Solution in China. With the debut of this service solution, Otis can offer an end-to-end digital service that connects elevator systems, Otis field professionals, property managers and regulatory authorities in China. The goal of the service solution is to enhance elevator safety and performance by boosting maintenance quality and reducing elevator downtime.

“Bringing our customer focus and service digitalization together, Otis IoT is now available in China from Otis Elevator China (OCL) under the brand name Otis ONE and from Otis Electric as Otis CONNECT. These offerings bring field professionals and customers into the data-insight-action loop and make elevator systems more visible and predictable,” says Perry Zheng, president of Otis China. “The growth potential of IoT and other digital technologies is beyond our imagination today as we continuously upgrade with new applications and functions to meet customers’ dynamic needs. It empowers us to help people connect and thrive in a taller, faster, smarter world.”

Based on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the Otis IoT Solution has undergone pilot implementations in China since it was announced globally last year. Customers, regulators and field professionals have been involved in the trials, providing feedback to customize the solution and ensure it caters to the specific needs of the China market.

The Otis IoT Solution automatically collects rich data on individual elevator units through multiple interfaces and then interprets this data in the cloud via data analytics and predictive algorithms. These insights are then routed to both the Otis monitoring center and field professionals using the smartphone-enabled Otis Eagle System (OES). The insights help drive preventive maintenance and provide regulatory authorities and customers with real-time data and health reports. 

Launched in China in 2015, the OES system leverages data analytics and mobile technologies to put automatic health assessment and online maintenance capabilities in the hands of Otis field professionals.

The Otis IoT Solution provides information, communications and insights. It offers visibility of the customer’s full elevator portfolio and allows field professionals and customers to drill down into unit-specific information. As a result, the Otis IoT Solution helps field teams make more informed decisions and enables Otis to improve elevator performance and reduce downtime for building owners and passengers.

“Driven by innovation and teamwork, our sales, marketing, field and engineering teams have come together to create the Otis IoT Solution,” Zheng continues. “We are proud to continue to revolutionize elevator service to help customers protect and prolong their assets and give passengers the safe, comfortable and reliable riding experience they expect from Otis.”

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