Otis Facility Switches On New Solar Field in Florence

The Otis facility in Florence, continues its focus on performance with the switch on of a solar field that will produce more than 1.8 million kilowatt hours of power annually, nearly 25 percent of the facility’s annual power requirements.

The installation is part of its sustainability efforts and is anticipated to beat the Florence facility’s five-year greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal of 15 percent, compared to 2015 energy consumption, by year three.

Otis President Judy Marks and Otis Americas President Tom Vining participated in an employee event celebrating the sustainable power source, with a ceremonial throwing of the switch. The panels are scheduled to go into operation in March.

“Otis is committed to bringing sustainable solutions to the communities where we live and work,” says Tom Vining, president, Otis Americas. “This investment reduces our ecological footprint, while allowing us to continue to produce elevator equipment for our customers.”

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