Otis Sells Over 1 Million Gen2 Elevators

As Otis marks the 20th anniversary of its flagship Gen2 elevator, it also celebrates another milestone; surpassing 1 million units sold, making this elevator its all-time bestselling system. Otis Worldwide Corp. manufactures, installs and services elevators and escalators.

“The Gen2 elevator has made a lasting impact on the global building industry and epitomizes the kind of game-changing innovation that defines Otis,” says Robin Fiala, vice president, sales & marketing, Otis. “Today, the Gen2 is an amazingly versatile family of products designed to meet customer needs in diverse market segments. We continue to evolve the Gen2 to meet the changing needs of our customers and passengers in the digital age.”

Following its launch in 2000, the first units were installed in an apartment complex in Linz, Austria. Customers embraced the Gen2’s energy efficiency, ride quality and space-saving design. Sales reached 500,000 by 2016 and surpassed 1 million earlier this year.

Configurations are now available for a variety of applications, whether it’s a residential or commercial building, mixed-use tower, retail setting, hotel, hospital, metro system or airport. Initially designed for low- and mid-rise buildings, the Gen2 elevator is also available in several areas of the world for high-rise buildings up to 150 meters. There is even a model that can operate on battery power, which is useful for areas that sustain frequent power outages. The Ambiance collection of aesthetic options allows customers to design stylish cab interiors that complement the architecture of their buildings. 

Gen2 elevators can be found in some of the world’s most iconic structures, including the Christ the Redeemer monument in Brazil, the Empire State Building in the U.S., the Lotte World Tower in South Korea, and the Shanghai World Financial Center in China.

Compact Design

Steel-reinforced polyurethane belts are the innovation that set the Gen2 elevator apart from other systems. By taking a conventional steel cable, unwinding the individual strands, laying them side by side and encasing them in polyurethane to create belts, Otis was able to reduce the size of the machine, eliminate the need for a machine room creating more usable space in the building, and provide a quieter ride for passengers.

Environmental Sustainability

The Gen2 elevator showcases a commitment to sustainable technology. Its permanent-magnet synchronous motor reduced energy consumption by 50 percent when compared to the induction machine system it replaced. Otis increased energy efficiency even more by adding regenerative drive technology, which had previously been available only on high-rise systems. The ReGen drive, combined with the Gen2 elevator’s energy-efficient machine and other features like LED lighting, reduce overall energy consumption by 75 percent under normal operation compared with systems with non-regenerative drives.

Connected, Touchless and Purification Technologies

The Gen2 elevator is available with the eView streaming service, eCall smartphone app and CompassPlus destination management system to enhance the passenger experience. It’s also compatible with purification products that help protect passengers’ health and safety. Additionally, the Gen2 can be paired with Otis ONE to use the Internet of Things and enable proactive, predictive and connected service – in real-time.

These offerings usher the Gen2 into a digital-first era where it will continue to advance to meet customer and passenger needs. Click here to watch how the Gen2 has stood as a symbol of innovation.

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