Outdoor Lighting Offers Programmable Occupancy Sensor

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting introduces the Litepak LNC3.

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting introduces the Litepak LNC3.

Hubbell Lighting has announced that Hubbell Outdoor Lighting has introduced the Litepak LNC3, completing its Litepak wall mount family.

At 7,600 lumens, the Litepak LNC3 features multiple distributions and CCT for maximum light level and mounting height flexibility. It is capable of replacing up to 250 HID luminaires at more than 70 percent energy savings with luminaire spacing of up to five times the mounting height.

It is designed for perimeter illumination in new construction and retrofit applications, including schools, factories, hospitals, warehouses and retail.

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting introduced the Litepak LNC4 back in August. The Litepak family offers four housing sizes featuring 12 lumen outputs. Housing sizes 2, 3 and 4 offer optional battery backup for egress applications, as well as a programmable occupancy sensor for more energy savings when no motion is detected.

Features and Benefits of the Litepak LNC3:

  • Mid-sized housing measuring only 13x8x10.5 inches
  • IP-65 and Wet location listed with optional inverted up mounting configuration
  • High performance Type II, III and IV distributions for maximum fixture spacing
  • 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCTs available with 70 CRI for optimal performance and color rendition
  • Quick mount for 4-inch square recessed junction box facilitates simple installation
  • Optional acrylic diffuser for reduced glare and visual comfort
  • Available with battery backup for egress application as well as programmable occupancy sensor
  • Optional 7-Pin receptacle for twist lock photocell and controls
  • 120-277V, 50/60Hz, 0-10V dimming drivers with optional 347 and 480V

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