Palmwood Flooring Line Introduces Additional Colors

Smith & Fong Co. has announced the introduction of six additional colors to its Durapalm line of palmwood flooring.

The Durapalm line of palmwood flooring features six additional colors.
The Durapalm line of palmwood flooring features six additional colors.

Smith & Fong is a U.S. company that manufactures, imports and markets palm flooring and plywood products to the North American market. And its Durapalm line is now a renewed design and innovation for 2020 and beyond, according to company founder and co-owner, Dan Smith.

The Durapalm flooring colors for 2020 are:

  • Reef expresses the tonal range of palm, with sunburst patterns and dynamic grain.
  • Lava Stone captures the dance of earth and water, a pattern that reflects the tones and textures found in weathered stone.
  • Black Sand draws from the mystique of a black-sand beach somewhere far away.
  • Tropical Dusk is inspired by the last glimpse of sun as the tropical night descends.
  • Brushed Tusk brings to mind sun-bleached driftwood, sand and fossils, which were the inspiration for this style.
  • Island Starscape finds inspiration in a tropical night sky, blue/grey tones against darkness. 

Durapalm flooring is available in both click-lock floating or traditional tongue and groove profiles. Planks feature a palm wear layer over a plantation-grown eucalyptus or stranded bamboo core. Dimensions are 9/16-inch by 3.5-inches in random lengths from 16- to 60-inches. Smith & Fong has explored the potential of palm as a natural renewable resource for almost 20 years. Over this time, it has refined its sourcing and processing of palmwood. Produced and fabricated in both India and China, Durapalm flooring can contribute to USGBC LEED credit for low-emitting materials.

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