Partnership Combines Project Development and Sales Training in One Platform for Retrofit Projects

Like other energy efficiency veterans, Chris Nelson of Helios Energy knew the industry lacked efficient and cost effective ways to audit, quote and convince decision makers to approve more retrofit projects. For years the methods restricted upside growth. Change came when Chris and his team adopted the digital retrofit platform and embraced an innovative approach to selling. Today, these methods converge. “I can’t think of a more powerful combination of technology and techniques. Companies armed with both will be tough to beat in the energy efficiency market,” states Christian.

SnapCount retrofit software and Selling Energy have announced a partnership enabling SnapCount customers to integrate Selling Energy’s sales training within the SnapCount platform. Since 2011, Mark Jewell and the Selling Energy team have changed the way energy efficiency programs are sold, coupling in-person and online training programs with segment-specific market research to help thousands of professionals sell more effectively. The integration of the Selling Energy and SnapCount platforms will enable users to experience digital energy project development and sales training in the convenience of one platform.

Of the partnership, StreamLinx COO Jeff Seifert states, “We’ve seen Selling Energy’s graduates demonstrate an advantage in the marketplace, and have worked with many of them to help incorporate some of their learning into their SnapCount experience. Merging Selling Energy’s one-page proposal format and its industry-specific sales guidance with our retrofit software provides a combination that will generate revenue growth for our customers.”

Selling Energy President Mark Jewell says of the partnership, “Selling Energy clients have given praise for the operational excellence they’ve achieved with SnapCount. Combining SnapCount’s project development effectiveness with Selling Energy’s selling techniques will enable our joint clients to increase their closing ratio and deal size, while shortening their average sales cycle.”

The integration of the two platforms will be complete later in the summer; however, clients of either company can begin leveraging the additional benefits generated by the partnership prior to final release.

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