Partnership Provides Energy Storage Systems in California

Sunverge Energy and PetersenDean Roofing & Solar have announced a partnership to provide energy storage systems in California. The partnership helps meet two goals for PetersenDean, which installs about 2,000 rooftop solar systems each month nationally.

“Energy storage is becoming a standard component of rooftop solar installations that are ready for the future,” says Jim Petersen, founder and CEO of PetersenDean Roofing & Solar. “We’re committed to delivering solar power systems at a value for our customers and all American-made products, a commitment we made years ago. We looked to Sunverge to help fulfill this goal.”

Sunverge systems allow customers to capture the power they generate from their rooftop solar and, thanks to built-in intelligence, automatically use it when demand and energy prices are highest. With Sunverge energy storage systems, building owners create their own power using renewable energy, allowing PetersenDean solar and storage owners to be more energy independent and help reduce the need to use electricity from central, fossil-fuel fired plants.

“By combining solar and battery technology with smart software, building owners can optimize their energy use by balancing consumption of stored and renewable energy while also reducing energy demand,” says Petersen. “Batteries make it possible for building owners to use stored solar energy during peak times when utility rates are high, which keeps bills lower.”

By using the Sunverge energy management platform that integrates with each storage system, PetersenDean can offer backup power during electric outages, bill savings and additional services to its solar customers.

“PetersenDean is committed to bringing value to customers as evidenced by the company’s growth in 2016,” says Ken Munson. “We look forward to working with PetersenDean to deliver backup power and bill savings.”

PetersenDean is a privately held solar and roofing company. The partnership is a key element of Solar4America, PetersenDean’s initiative to support American jobs, manufacturing and energy independence by sourcing solar panels and all system components from domestic producers. Along with Sunverge Energy batteries, PetersenDean solar system includes Buy-American-Act-compliant panels, inverters and racking installed by the construction company’s U.S. workforce.

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