Partnership to Advance Safety and Security in Workplaces

WhosOnLocation has announced a partnership with Johnson Controls. With a shared ambition to make workplaces safer, this partnership marks the start of a new step for WhosOnLocation, increasing the availability of its software across the customer base Johnson Controls has built over its more than 130-year history. The offerings empower customers to protect employees, manage visitors, monitor on-site contractors, and maintain communication during emergencies.  

Now more than ever, the need for contact tracing and touchless sign in/out is crucial to keeping everyone in the workplace safe. Organizations must account for the safety of their employees, contractors, visitors and physical assets, maintain associated compliance and deal with pandemic pressures. By working alongside Johnson Controls, WhosOnLocation hopes to address these needs for even more businesses throughout the U.S. with its visitor, contractor, employee, and evacuation management tool.  

“With thousands of facilities using WhosOnLocation worldwide, we’re thrilled to extend our offering to even more enterprise organizations by partnering with the U.S. market leader in security,” says Darren Whitaker-Barnett, CEO, WhosOnLocation. “Innovation is a key value for both WhosOnLocation and Johnson Controls, and it is through partnerships like this that we can continue to drive growth in an important industry. We look forward to working alongside Johnson Controls to strengthen the safety and security of workplaces in the future.” 

“The responsibility to create and maintain a safe and secure environment has become especially critical. We’re committed to helping customers achieve those goals through new technologies and partnerships,” says John Hudson, vice president and general manager, security business at Johnson Controls. “WhosOnLocation’s innovative suite of solutions expands our portfolio of offerings to help customers understand their spaces and the movement throughout them. That understanding enables better use of resources in addition to the increased safety and security these solutions help achieve.”  

WhosOnLocation’s software is now available to customers throughout the U.S.

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