Partnership to Ease Smart Building Projects Reaches Milestone

The Digital Partner Program, launched by Distech Controls in November 2021, has reached a key 25-partner milestone. As an innovation leader connecting people with intelligent building solutions, Distech Controls created this initiative to bridge the gap between digital services requested by building owners and occupants and the experience and know-how of smart-building system integrators and digital services companies.

These partnerships allow Distech Controls customers to benefit from an extended network of world-class IT/IoT/AI companies sharing their expertise and best practices in the areas of building technologies, property management, and occupant services.

Digital partners are selected for their expertise and collaborative mindset to assist Distech Controls’ network of system integrators with their smart-building projects. Echoing Distech Controls, all members of the Digital Partner Program adhere to open protocols and industry IT standards, providing best-in-class solutions and Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) that meet customer requirements and budgets. 

“The key is to facilitate meaningful collaboration and to deliver results for the customer.” says Joel Désiré, senior product manager, Distech Controls. “Our partners offer their expertise to help create an advanced digital infrastructure, leveraging our innovative and open ECLYPSE platform, allowing for higher efficiencies, a better understanding of a building’s overall energy use as well as enhanced occupant experience. The System Integrators then ensure quality deployment of the building management system and facilitate easy and reliable data exchange between OT and IT/IoT/AI disciplines.” 

Digital service providers interested in applying to join the program are invited to fill out the form on the dedicated Digital Partner Program section of the Distech Controls website.

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