Partnership to Expand Human-Centric Lighting Solutions

Leviton Lighting brands has announced a partnership with BIOS, an innovator in the biological application of LED lighting, to expand its offering of human-centric lighting solutions. Birchwood, Intense, ConTech and Viscor will integrate BIOS SkyBlue technology into existing product offerings.

“Our partnership with BIOS is a testament to our commitment to providing human-centric solutions that improve overall well-being and a healthier and more productive environment,” says Richie Westfall, vice president and general manager of lighting and controls at Leviton. “This will allow us to quickly deliver more human-centric design options to our customers with a full suite of specification-grade general lighting, medical lighting, downlights and custom linear fixtures to meet any application.”

BIOS technology is being integrated in products across the Leviton Lighting & Controls brands, including Birchwood recessed and direct and indirect linear suspended fixtures, Intense Gravity family, ConTech downlight and cylinder lines, and Viscor general lighting and Certolux healthcare lines along with Leviton controls. The fixtures will be provided in a variety of color temperatures, enabling the light fixtures to maintain the visual appearance as desired. The result is a more natural environment for indoor spaces, promoting synchronized circadian rhythms, healthier sleep patterns and overall well-being for occupants.

Read additional information about Leviton Lighting Brand solutions with BIOS technology.

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