Partnership to Tackle Alaskan Subfloor Issues Together

Eagle River Floor Supply and Schönox are teaming up to put Schönox products into the hands of installers, addressing some of the toughest subfloor challenges. “In Alaska, we have more than our share of subfloor issues including the effects of earthquakes, frost heaving, and extreme temperatures,” explains Walter Adolphs, co-owner of Eagle River Floor Supply. “Two and half years ago, I first used Schönox self-leveling compounds to address a subfloor with waves and dips throughout; I was sold by the performance of Schönox.” Already veteran flooring installers, Adolphs and business partner, Dave Miltersen, began plans to open Eagle River Floor Supply to make Schönox and other flooring supplies readily available to installers throughout Alaska. Those plans are coming to fruition with their location in Eagle River, Alaska, and a stocking warehouse partnership in Anchorage with Flooring Supply Warehouse.

“The popular trends for LVT floors requiring smooth, flat subfloors paired with the subfloor conditions we see in Alaska clearly supported our decision to choose Schönox for our business,” comments Dave Miltersen, co-owner of Eagle River Floor Supply. “We want to support installers with moisture issues in slabs, subfloors that have settled and become uneven, and with the best patches and adhesives; Schönox has the products, systems, and support needed for our customers.” Adolphs and Miltersen are anticipating more subfloor projects using pours of self-leveling compounds than those using patching materials, given the Alaskan subfloors. “We have used the Schönox synthetic self-leveling compounds with hybrid drying technology to great success and want to share those products with our customers,” comments Miltersen. “Walter and I have done the installation work ourselves so we have informed ideas regarding the products with which we want to equip our customers.”

“We are excited to partner with Eagle River Floor Supply and its experienced co-owners, Walter Adolphs and Dave Miltersen, to assist installers throughout the Anchorage region with Schönox solutions for their tough subfloor issues as well as with materials for everyday project needs,” says Greg Jodarski, regional vice president, Schönox HPS North America. “It speaks volumes when industry veterans like Walter and Dave choose Schönox for their business after using the Schönox products themselves.”

Originally from Cologne, Germany, Walter Adolphs moved to Anchorage 25 years ago after visiting friends in the area. “I quickly fell in love with Alaska; the beauty of the place and warm, friendly people made my decision to move here an easy one,” comments Adolphs. “My connections to Germany allowed me the opportunity to travel to the Schönox research and development, manufacturing, and international training centers in Rosendahl, Germany, giving me an in-depth look at all facets of the products.” In addition to the moisture mitigation systems, floor-leveling compounds, and patching products, Eagle River will also be stocking Schönox adhesives for LVT and carpet.

“Once our installer customers use the Schönox products, they will see the excellent flow characteristics, adhesion levels, quick curing times, and broad solutions that made us certain we wanted to provide these products at Eagle River Floor Supply,” says Miltersen. “We are ramping up our business week by week and look forward to serving the flooring industry and Alaska which both mean so much to us.”

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