Partnerships in Innovation Enables ASSA ABLOY to Create a Security Solution

The ASSA ABLOY commitment to partnerships in innovation has enabled the creation of a security solution. And the development came through the insights of its network of access control partners, collaborative integrators and end users who seek out a manufacturer partner.

Last year, Star Asset Security turned to ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions with a demand it was seeing in the built environment: the need for an access control system that would work on shared assets such as lockers and desks, but with the caveat that the employee could select any locker or desk on any given day and continuously change their selection throughout the week.

“That’s just not how access control works in the way we’ve always used it,” says S. Guerry Bruner, integrated solutions specialist at ASSA ABLOY. “This application required us to look at the customer problem from their perspective, and evolve our view of what access control can be.”

And thanks to the network of partners, the solution didn’t take days or months to achieve.

“It only took a few hours of joint discussion until one of our OEM partners, Monitor Dynamics, said they could design software to work with our products and make it all happen,” Bruner says. “And within two weeks they had a working prototype. The ability to have those discussions, and work with companies that are willing and excited to take on the challenge means that when we have a new demand or need put in front of us, we get to solve it.”

The solutions are being provided by Star Asset Security as FlexLocker and FlexDesk, utilizing software from Monitor Dynamics Inc. and the ASSA ABLOY HES K100 cabinet lock with Aperio technology.

“The system enables building owners and employers to provide co-working concepts in shared spaces,” says Sage Hirschy, director of business development at Star Asset Security. “Having a background in these types of workspaces we saw a need for a connected solution that is customizable to the customers’ environment. We believe this system achieves that. Each day a different employee can access a locker or desk in an office, without any changes in the access control platform. This removes the traditional need to set up access through a gatekeeper, reducing operational time and cost for facility managers.”

The relationship between Star Asset and ASSA ABLOY allowed Hirschy to share company insights with the ASSA ABLOY team, and thus, created a solution in the industry built through consultation with end users and collaboration between partners.

“It’s another indication that the industry continues to see the need for innovation that is responsive and interoperable while remaining secure,” Bruner says. “Our goal at ASSA ABLOY is to both protect the people and places that matter most, and to provide our clients with new approaches to that high level of security technology. That collaboration with our industry partners, integrators, and end users is critical to this type of innovation.”

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