Peter Pepper Offers its 1956 Matrix Clock

Peter Pepper Matrix ClockPeter Pepper Matrix Clock from 1956

Peter Pepper Matrix Clock

Peter Pepper Matrix Clock from 1956

This year, to kick off its 60th anniversary, the company is looking forward by looking back, honoring the vision and focus of its founder Peter Pepper as a way of showcasing its products with the re-issue of the Matrix Clock from 1956.

The basic concepts of good design are utilized in the Matrix Clock to make the most outstanding group of wall accessories for contemporary interiors, designed specifically to be the major decorative accent in your home or office.

The Matrix Clock presents a fascinating dimensional perspective and may be mounted vertically or horizontally. The frames are made in solid Walnut, with a steel grid mounted in front of a satin black background, thus creating the desired full dimensional effect. Clocks made of wood, are mounted on the gridwork and finished in satin white. Color cubes and accents are styled in the House & Garden colors for 1957, certified for use in the Peter Pepper Products line by House & Garden magazine. Size: 14.75 by 26.75 inches

Early PPP products included wall sconce candelabras, metal sculptures, geometric wood and aluminum boxes, clocks, occasional tables, walnut file and letter trays and more. As the company grew, Peter Pepper started the category of accessories for the newly emerging contract furniture market.

Peter Pepper became known as ‘the source’ for contract accessories delivering the highest caliber of design, and producing an inspired product line offering an unparalleled selection for the architectural and design community to choose from. Based in the Los Angeles area, operating their corporate offices and two manufacturing facilities, PPP remains a family company, continuing the tradition of design excellence. The spirit of Peter Pepper’s original vision continues, with Sigi Pepper, president and CEO; Michael Pepper, director of Operations; and Kip Pepper, vice president of Sales and Marketing, along with more than 100 dedicated employees and 70 sales people.

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  1. Greg McKinney | June 6, 2020 at 12:49 am |

    I am the person who protoyped this clock, on my own, and presented it to Kip for possible production. I have an original Matrix from 1959 but the near-5′ width is not conducive to most walls. I made this version and introduced myself to Kip via email. He liked the idea and had a small run produced that was only to go to the sales reps as promotional gifts for the 60th anniversary. I declined requesting royalties or a fee since it was only to be for a few to be produced. Next thing I know the clock is listed on Walmart, Wayfare and other major websites. I’ll never know how many sold or how much it might have made me, but I was happy to see it distributed. I did get the first one.

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