Photovoltaic Mounting Rack Is Designed for Flat Roofs

Unirac Roof Mount (RM)Unirac Roof Mount (RM)

Unirac Roof Mount (RM)

Unirac Roof Mount (RM)

Unirac Inc., a Hilti Group Company and provider of high quality, competitive photovoltaic (PV) mounting solutions in North America, is proud to announce the Unirac Roof Mount (RM), is in production and ready for shipment on Sept. 16, 2013. This new ballasted flat roof system, introduced at Intersolar North America 2013, will replace RapidRac.

Each ballast bay is compact and easy to handle, weighing less than 3.5 pounds. The modular design allows installers to seamlessly navigate modules around HVAC units or other roof obstacles, maximizing power density. The RM supports most framed crystalline modules, making the 10 degree tilt innovation readily available through Unirac Distributors.

U-Builder is ready to accommodate the RM, a simple online tool that allows customers to design and quote a system in seconds. This visual online application offers users a simple way to design, share, and recall PV projects, backed by Unirac engineering.

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