Pittsburgh Creates a 2030 District

2030 Districts are forming in great American cities to meet the energy, water and transportation emissions reduction targets called for by Architecture 2030 in the 2030 Challenge for Planning. 2030 Districts are unique “private/public” partnerships driving a national grassroots movement to create durable coalitions focused on creating and maintaining sustainable and resilient urban growth.

Pittsburgh recently joined Cleveland and Seattle by launching a Pittsburgh 2030 District. Pittsburgh, a city transitioning from an industrial past to a lively, low-carbon metropolis, will become part of an emerging 2030 District network. The announcement of a collaborative effort creating a Pittsburgh 2030 District, containing 61 properties and more than 23 million square feet in the downtown area, is the most recent effort in this city’s evolution.

“Launching a 2030 District in Pittsburgh helps to reinforce what this city has been working toward for a long time. Pittsburgh has been building a reputation as a healthy, vibrant city with many sustainability initiatives, and this 2030 District takes things to the next level. The fact that we already have so many businesses committed to this challenge shows that Pittsburghers want to build a better city, and they’re ready to take the next step,” explains Mike Schiller, CEO of the Pittsburgh-based Green Building Alliance (GBA), a community benefit organization founded in 1993. GBA is leading the Pittsburgh 2030 District initiative.

The 2030 District model brings property owners and managers together with local governments, businesses, architects and planners, and community stakeholders to provide a business model for urban sustainability. Together, this group adopts measurement tools and implements strategies and best practices to meet the 2030 Challenge reduction targets. Leveraged financing, shared financial resources and incentives allow districts to realize their vibrant urban development and renovation plans without undue delay.

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