Plant-filled Portable Wall Brings Wellness to the Workplace

Verdanta plant-filled portable walls and partitions bring wellness to the workplace.

Verdanta plant-filled portable walls and partitions bring wellness to the workplace.

Sagegreenlife has expanded its Verdanta product line consisting of plant-filled portable walls and partitions designed to bring wellness to the workplace.

The Verdanta line introduces the Productivity wall, with one side that features plants and the other side a whiteboard workspace, combining the power of work and wellness. The Flourish wall also joined the product line to allow for versatility. Installed in just a few hours with bountiful plant growth, the Flourish wall is modular in design and snaps on to the desired area, offering the flexibility to move with floor plan and office location changes. The Productivity and Flourish walls join the existing Duet wall, which houses plants on both sides of the panel.

Over the past few decades, research has highlighted the benefits that access to nature in the workplace provides, both to employees and employers. The positive effects on individuals’ mental and physical wellness, a fundamental benefit in and of itself, also translate to gains for companies in the form of increased quality output, as well as a reduction in direct and indirect costs due to illness.

As with all of its living walls, Verdana utilizes a soil-free growth material that keeps the area mess and bug-free. Its patented hydroponic system, the Biotile, features a layered basalt rock fiber that evenly and continuously distributes water, oxygen and nutrients, resulting in healthy plants that use 75 percent less water than any other living wall products.

Partitions can hold between 120-360 plants, each selected, placed and grown by Sagegreenlife horticultural design experts prior to installation in a client’s space. The panel is able to serve as a divider in a space, providing a sight and sound barrier that allows for private meetings or focused individual work.

The Duet portable wall originally launched as Verdanta in June 2017 in partnership with Gensler. Since then, the entire living wall line has taken the name Verdanta and is comprised of the Duet wall, Productivity wall and Flourish wall.

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