Polycarbonate Laminate Panels Provide Glazing Protection

Bayer MaterialScience's Hygard EX panels for glazingBayer MaterialScience's Hygard EX panels for glazing

Bayer MaterialScience's Hygard EX panels for glazing

Bayer MaterialScience’s Hygard EX panels for glazing

Protecting people, property and other critical assets from the devastation of an explosive attack is a high priority for security professionals. Combining its substantial technical expertise with the latest generation of Hygard security laminates, Bayer MaterialScience LLC offers a range of adaptable, attractive and economical solutions that meets today’s security and protection needs with countless design possibilities.

From vandalism and forced entry to bullet resistance and blast mitigation, Bayer’s Hygard polycarbonate laminate panels are a versatile architectural solution for a wide variety of glazing applications where security and containment are critical. In addition to helping protect building occupants and assets, Hygard EX panels offer appealing architectural aesthetics and comply with energy-efficiency requirements for fenestration products.

For those seeking a complete façade system, Bayer offers the Hygard Sentinel structural facade – a fully-engineered solution that combines the aesthetics, daylighting and impact resistance of its Hygard laminate panels with a high-strength, energy-absorbing steel mounting structure. This façade system establishes a new level of blast resistance, especially useful for protecting mission critical buildings and other structures with limited stand-off distance.

Importantly, the Hygard EX panels and Hygard Sentinel system meet and exceed federal government blast hazard mitigation standards for the GSA, Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of State.


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