Porcelain Tile Is Installed without Mortar or Grout

Del Conca Fast porcelain tileDel Conca Fast porcelain tile

Del Conca Fast porcelain tile

Del Conca Fast porcelain tile

Del Conca USA, the North American subsidiary of Del Conca, one of the main Italian groups in the ceramic tile manufacturing industry, is now offering “Del Conca Fast” to the North American marketplace. Designed and produced in Italy, this new porcelain tile collection offers installation, aesthetic and cost advantages to end-users.

Del Conca Fast is suited to residential and light commercial applications. Using interlocking slots and tabs, the system can be installed directly over existing flooring. Each tile is made of rugged, non-porous porcelain, which will not be affected by water or humidity and, therefore, may be installed with confidence in “wet” areas, such as the kitchen or bath. No mortar or grout is needed, resulting in a clean installation in which people can immediately start walking on the new floor.

The Del Conca Fast Collection is presented in three finishes: Forma Fast, which emulates today’s urban look of concrete flooring, offered in a 8- by 32-inch format; Saloon Fast, which is produced with a realistic woodgrain look and feel, offered in 8- by 32-inch planks; and, Monte Napoleone Fast, also presented in a woodgrain format with large 6- by 48- and 8- by 48-inch planks.


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  1. Who sales Del Conce Fast? I cant seem to locate a distributor.

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