Portable Device Cleans Indoor Air Using HEPA Filtration

As schools make plans and take precautions for reopening in the fall, Carrier has announced the launch of its OptiClean 1500-cfm Dual-Mode Air Scrubber & Negative Air Machine, ideal for helping to maintain clean and healthy indoor air quality in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, gymnasiums, restrooms and more. The unit joins the existing OptiClean 500-cfm unit, which was launched in April, to help create infectious isolation rooms in hospitals treating COVID-19 patients and is now used in hospitals and dental offices and is ideally suited for individual classroom use. The model draws air from inside larger spaces, removes many contaminants and discharges filtered air. Carrier is a part of Carrier Global Corp., a global provider of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

The OptiClean unit cleans indoor air, removing contaminants and discharging filtered air.
The OptiClean unit cleans indoor air, removing contaminants and discharging filtered air.

Like the 500-cfm unit, the OptiClean 1500-cfm unit plugs into a standard wall outlet and uses a greater than 99.97 percent efficient HEPA filter to reduce the presence of coronavirus and other contaminants in the air. OptiClean units exceed the ASHRAE school reopening recommendation that portable electric HEPA machines be introduced into each classroom and provide a minimum of two air changes per hour.

The Carrier OptiClean units are portable, taking only about three-square feet of floor space when oriented vertically, and can also be operated horizontally, allowing for unobstructed placement in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries or gymnasiums. One 500-cfm unit can clean the air in an average-sized classroom; the 1500-cfm unit is designed for larger spaces. In both cases, multiple units can be used for more expansive spaces.

OptiClean is one of a number of solutions offered through Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program that can aid school districts in enhancing indoor air quality. Other product features and upgrades include filters with high MERV ratings; UV lights; Agion anti-microbial coating, which can be applied to protect against bacterial growth; economizers; and a Humidi-MiZer dehumidification system.

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