Portable Load Bank for Full-load Testing

Avtron LPH150S Load Bank from Emerson Network PowerAvtron LPH150S Load Bank from Emerson Network Power

Avtron LPH150S Load Bank from Emerson Network Power

Avtron LPH150S Load Bank from Emerson Network Power

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson that seeks to maximize availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, debuts the Avtron LPH150S, a portable load bank that’s redefining performance benchmarks for full-load testing of 3.75 kW-150 kW capacity gensets and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

All new features including full-load testing flexibility, the ability to operate up to 11 units from a single intelligent handheld terminal, proprietary resistive elements, a hybrid power absorption design and low-noise, high-velocity muffin fans for cooling combine to save time and reduce testing costs, especially for manpower and logistics.

Testing flexibility is provided with three, three phase 60 Hz ratings of 150 kW at 480 Vac and 240 Vac, and 112.5 kW at 208 Vac. Typically, 150 kW rated portable units provide a single voltage.

Up to 11 units can be daisy chained in the field and controlled with the Avtron Sigma 2 Intelligent Handheld Terminal–the control interface for all load bank functions. Compact load banks typically offer manual control with toggle switches, so the ability to control 11 units from a single controller significantly reduces manpower requirements, especially when testing multiple UPSs. Adding additional load banks is a simple ‘plug ‘n play’ process.

Service and rental companies, and commissioning teams that test backup power installations and UPSs recognize the benefits of daisy chaining multiple load banks. A large load bank rental company, in fact, already has ordered a significant number of the units.

The microprocessor-based terminal displays volts, amps, frequency, kW, phase to phase amps, load programming, 16 point load profile capacity and Modbus. A 32.8 ft. connection cable is standard and a 20 foot cable set with connectors is optional.

The Avtron LPH150S Load Bank also features a local control panel. Functions include on/off, start, stop and reset, test status and station select. Internal Safety circuits include load circuit fusing, wrong voltage protection, and air-fail and over-temperature protection.

Proprietary Avtron Helidyne resistive elements combine with industrial rated heating coils to provide high power absorption capacity at low voltage. This is the first time Avtron has integrated Helidyne elements and coils in a compact load bank.

High velocity, low noise muffin fans provide the required cooling for 150 kW of power in an enclosure measuring 37.48 in. high, 21.75 in. wide and 31.85 in. deep. Casters and heavy-duty lifting handles make the unit easy to move and position.

The Avtron LPH150S Load Bank facilitates satisfying NFPA 110 and state code requirements for full load testing of gensets and UPSs. The load bank provides stable and accurate loading compared to using variable building loads. The load bank can also maintain a minimum load which allows the genset to reach operating temperatures to help reduce “wet stacking” in gensets.


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