Power Storage Device Features Changeable Batteries

The Pocket Power Station can handle battery packs between 100 and 230 watts.
The Pocket Power Station can handle battery packs between 100 and 230 watts.

Sunsynk has produced a portable power storage device that can handle battery packs between 100 and 230 watts and provide normal AC power to a variety of utilities whose power consumption falls within its range. 

Fitted within its polycarbonate housing in a charge controller, inverter and logic program. These allow the Pocket Power Station to be charged from the mains via a DC jack, a car lighter-port, and micro USB phone chargers.

On its output side, it is equipped with a universal AC power socket that can take several types of plugs as well as standard USB cables. That way it is feasible to run via a multi-socket output; a computer, a light, a fan and a phone charger all at the same time. 

For those areas where there is no power, Sunsynk has provided a 35-watt foldable solar panel, which can power up the Pocket Power Station within 6 hours of sunshine via the DC jack. 

Should the owner of the Pocket Power Station wish to fly, then no problem, as Sunsynk provides a choice of battery packs within the 100 to 150-watt range. As long as the battery is disconnected and placed in a sealed plastic bag, both the Pocket Power Station and its battery can be carried within the cabin of the aircraft as hand luggage. 

The Pocket Power Station is ideal for camping, caravanning or expedition use where it can power devices such as navigational tools, lights, computers and fans. It is also an ideal addition to the equipment used by relief agencies that may send teams into remote areas or where earthquakes have rendered the local power stations. Search-and-rescue teams would also benefit from the extended power supply their search tools could receive as well as any first aid machines. 

Wherever you need portable power, the Sunsynk Pocket Power Station can be there to act as an addition to an equipment list and help those in need when power is in demand. 

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