Pressalit Care Publishes Load-Handling Capabilities for Bathroom Safety Accessories

Pressalit Care, headquartered in Ry, Denmark, has published bariatric load-handling capabilities for a variety of the company’s bathroom safety accessories. Bariatric load handling is an important consideration when selecting bathroom equipment in hospitals and nursing homes because of the prevalence of obesity and the continuing need to meet safe bathing and toileting requirements of heavy individuals. Items, such as support arms and shower seats, must be designed to offer stability, comfort and safety, especially for heavy individuals who may require assistance in standing or sitting while in bathroom settings. Rigorous load testing is critical to the satisfactory performance of these types of products.

Pressalit Care’s engineers employed three methods of load testing—static, dynamic and lateral—to provide the most reliable results. Static tests place a single known weight on the product for a given period of time to determine maximum weight-bearing capacity. Dynamic tests subject the products to a vertical load 10,000 times for two seconds at various points including innermost and outermost. Lateral tests stress the product 10,000 times at a 45-degree angle to further simulate demanding real-life usage situations.

Most of Pressalit Care’s products are track-mounted, enabling them to be easily and quickly relocated on the wall to accommodate the varying height and weight needs of disabled or heavy individuals. Among the products covered in the report are support arms, shower seats, wall tracks, sink brackets and handrails.

According to Gary Nowitz, president of Pressalit Care North America: “The concept of height-adjustable safety accessories appears to have generated significant interest among architects and owners who appreciate the reliability, convenience and space-saving aspects of this unique line of track-mounted products. These customers frequently ask about our specific bariatric weight-bearing capacities during building design and product specification stages, and this publication is responsive to those requests.”

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