PROFILITEC Calls New Production Facility in Italy Home

PROFILITEC has a new place to call home; just a few kilometers away from its original location in the province of Vicenza, in the town of Isola Vicentina.

The result of continuous volume increase and product range expansions, prompted its management team to relocate operations to a 130,000 square-foot facility. This logistics and production facility offers more than double the workspace of the previous building. The structure is the next stepping-stone in its growth and development, which dates back to 1966.

PROFILITEC President & CEO/Owner Roderick Egli, states, “After opening the company’s American branch, Profilitec Corp. in New York, in July 2016, this is the second fundamental step towards strengthening PROFILITEC’s growth. Our company has a strong international vocation, yet this investment is a testament to our strong bond with Italy and its production system, historically the hotbed of technological innovation and design, appreciated and recognized throughout the world.”

Alessandro Fabris, PROFILITEC sales, marketing and business development director adds, “The building was designed according to modern standards, which can respond to the ever-changing business needs, providing for the doubling of finished products warehouse and office space. Some processes, originally outsourced, are now produced here, with an improvement in efficiency and customer service. Everything is automated. “

The plant features sustainable building materials and technologies, including the capacity to produce aluminum/brass/aluminum and PVC products. In addition to increased production, Profilitec has a place for product training, customer visits, industry meetings and, more importantly, specific areas for research, development and continued testing for its product lines.

Egli concludes, “As our company continues to grow and expand with sales and new innovative products, we plan to continue this great adventure and eventually, double the space of this facility.

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