Program Launch Will Help Charter Schools Access Sustainable Energy Solutions

Charter School Capital, a national financial services provider focused on charter schools and the students they serve, has unveiled Charter School Energy, powered by BioStar Renewables, at the California Charter Schools Conference. Charter School Capital and BioStar Renewables joined forces to create this sustainable energy program exclusively designed for charter schools.

Charter School Energy is a full-service energy upgrade program that allows charter schools to access renewable and energy-efficient solutions for their buildings with flexible financing options. The program enables schools to improve their learning environment while reducing utility and maintenance expenses, so that budget can be reallocated to programs and other education resources.

“Every school facility has its own set of challenges around energy use and utility expenses,” says Charlie Burrows, director of new products at Charter School Capital. “Charter School Energy meets those challenges with customized solutions that save schools money while significantly enhancing learning environments, so administrators can focus on what matters most – educating students.”

Charter School Energy upgrades improve learning environments through energy-efficient windows, smart LED commercial lighting, HVAC and thermostat systems. And renewable energy production, like solar or wind power, even allow schools to offset some or all of the building’s remaining energy consumption.

“Our energy solutions will provide charter school leaders with the peace of mind in knowing that their facilities are optimized for a prime learning experience,” says David Smart, president and COO of energy reduction at BioStar Renewables. “Comfortable environments are a natural offshoot of energy-efficiency and energy cost savings will allow schools to reallocate funding earmarked for energy to education resources and technology, and other learning environment enhancements.”

According to the International WELL Building Institute, studies suggest that the physical design of a school can affect a child’s academic performance by as much as 25 percent. LED lighting alone has an impact on health, well-being and mental cognition. Other upgrades affect air quality and comfort.

Charter schools with an environmental-focused curriculum or area of study will benefit from Charter School Energy upgrades given that case studies in energy efficiency and renewable energy can be cultivated right on campus.

“Nearly 3.2 million students attend charter schools in the country, and we’re eager to optimize the schools in which those kids learn,” says Smart. “Charter School Capital is providing solutions that simply weren’t possible until recently. No one else is doing what they’re doing. They’re confident in their investment and willing to take the risks necessary to see true change come to fruition. We are thrilled to be onboard with their mission.”

“We are pleased to recommend BioStar Renewables as a preferred partner,” says Burrows. “Their mission to effect change through building improvements while decreasing costs is in alignment with our goals and fulfills a much-needed resource. Our partnership with them is a natural fit.”

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