Project Profiles: Hospitality Entertainment

American Airlines Arena, Miami


A Mediamesh screen, which is made of 3,400 square feet of a high-grade architectural woven stainless-steel mesh fabric embedded with linear tubes filled with LED nodes that provide pixels for displaying high-resolution digital imagery, provides visitors with unobstructed views from the interior and visually engaging digital media content on the exterior. Mediamesh can display any content that can be shown on a computer screen, requires little maintenance and uses one-sixth the amount of electricity of conventional LED boards.

Manufacturer: GKD-USA,

GKD Mediamesh screen

Photo: GKD-USA


Situated on Miami’s busy Biscayne Boulevard, overlooking Biscayne Bay, the American Airlines Arena hosts more than 1.3 million guests per year who attend concerts and family and sporting events. Committed to providing visitors with a dynamic and exciting entertainment experience, the HEAT Group commissioned a first-of-its-kind large-scale LED mesh media façade to be installed on the arena. Standing 42-feet high by 80-feet wide, Miami’s Mediamesh façade is four times the size of an average billboard.

The Miami Mediamesh screen is 3/4-inch thick and 70 percent transparent so it blends with the arena’s architecture and is virtually unnoticed when it is turned off. However, when it is on, images can be seen in high-pixel resolution.

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