Project Profiles: Retail & Mixed Use

309 East Paces, Atlanta

Each prefabricated panel allows for drainage via weeps in its patented Sto Wedge Design.

Each prefabricated panel allows for drainage via weeps in its patented Sto Wedge Design.

Retrofit Team

Architect: Lyman Davidson Dooley Inc., Atlanta
General Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction, Atlanta
Wall Panel Producer and Installer: Southern Wall Systems, Suwanee, Ga.


The owners wanted to preserve the aesthetic of the brick building within a tight budget and swift timeframe. Balfour Beatty Construction introduced the idea of using StoPanel technology as an option that would enable the team to deliver the design intent in a short period of time and within budget while actually increasing the square footage of the building.

StoPanel Classic NExT ci was chosen for the cladding. The lightweight prefabricated panel incorporates continuous insulation and StoGuard waterproof air barrier as standard components. Each panel allows for drainage via weeps in its patented Sto Wedge Design.

To achieve the look of brick and granite, the team chose StoCreativ Brick, a decorative wall finish system that can be used over any Sto cladding or other prepared exterior surface to achieve the classic look of brick, and StoCreativ Granite, an acrylic-based interior and exterior wall finish that looks like cut or polished granite but in a lightweight finish coating. The panels were produced by Southern Wall Systems at its manufacturing facility and driven to the job site.

Prefabrication provided close to $500,000 in savings, as well as a faster and safer method of reconstructing the envelope on the busy streets of Buckhead. “One of the considerations that is often overlooked on any job is keeping the neighbors happy,” says Mark Buser, vice president of Operations at Southern Wall Systems. “We all wanted a responsible build with minimal intrusion into the surrounding neighborhood. Using Sto Panels meant less noise, disruption and traffic. It helped make us a good neighbor.”

The panel manufacture occurred simultaneously with the demolition of the exterior of the building to reveal the structural core and shell. The panels, which were installed in 22 working days, were “flown” into place with a tower crane so there was minimal work required at height.

Using Sto Panel technology on the project actually increased the interior space by 2,000 square feet. The building’s original skin was constructed of concrete masonry units and brick. The CMU sat on the slab infilling from the top of slab to the bottom of the beam. After restoration, the new skin sits outside and bypasses the edge of the slab, which added 8 inches around the entire perimeter of the building.

Prefabricated Panels: Sto Corp.

The Retrofit

The 1963 12-story brick landmark was the oldest high-rise building in Buckhead and in dire need of a makeover. The revitalized 309 East Paces now offers 80,000 square feet of office space in a boutique building and 25,000 square feet of ground-floor retail with onsite parking. The wide-open, creative, loft-style spaces are a testament to the original vision to maintain the legacy of this vintage landmark and reposition it for the occupants of today.

Photos: Sto Corp.

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