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Andamar Lifestyle Center, Veracruz, Mexico

Andamar Lifestyle Center installs eight revolving doors from Boon Edam.

Andamar Lifestyle Center installs eight revolving doors from Boon Edam.

Retrofit Team

Door Installer: AVANCE Inteligente, Monterrey, Mexico


Since opening in October 2014, Andamar Lifestyle Center struggled to contain strong Veracruz winds, which consistently left its swinging doors open and exposed the facility to heat, humidity and sea breezes. In turn, this allowed the shopping center’s air conditioning to escape, resulting in a second challenge: higher electricity expenses. Taking the mall’s estimated 5.3 million annual visitors into account, and the fact that 40 percent of them are entering through the main entrance, the air infiltration and loss situation became unsustainable. As a result, Rosa María Bueno, the center’s director, began looking for solutions.

In addition to its main guest entrances, Andamar Lifestyle Center has entryways to its terraces, which are primarily used by waiters in transit—making easy access a must. “Because we’re beside the ocean, many people go outside to enjoy the air, take photos and eat; as a result, waiters go in and out with their hands full of food, huge trays, etc. We needed to find the right entryway that wouldn’t make this process any more difficult,” Bueno explains.

Bueno also had to consider the center’s original architects’ opinions. “The architects who designed the center were very worried the new doors would change its visual design and obstruct the ocean views, two important points that were taken into account from the beginning,” she says.

In total, the shopping center installed eight Boon Edam doors: three Crystal TQ automatic revolving doors, three Crystal TQ manual revolving doors and two Crystal BoonAssist semi-automatic revolving doors. Each door was installed with the specific entryway’s purpose and location in mind. In addition to receiving a customized analysis, the shopping center experienced assistance from Boon Edam support staff during the project’s duration.

“We’re very happy with the solution from all angles. It meets its functional and aesthetic purposes; it contributes to our positive image; and the doors have allowed for the flow of visitors to achieve a good rhythm,” Bueno concludes.

Revolving Door Manufacturer: Boon Edam

Photos: Boon Edam

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