Project Profiles: Sports

Clemson Memorial Stadium, Clemson, S.C.

Retrofit Team

Architect: LS3P, Greenville, S.C.
Metal Panel Installer: Pickens Roofing Inc., Anderson, S.C.


LS3P select Dri-Design Painted Aluminum Panels in a silver color for the Oculus of the WestZone Complex.

LS3P select Dri-Design Painted Aluminum Panels in a silver color for the Oculus of the WestZone Complex.

LS3P selected 0.080-inch aluminum Dri-Design Painted Aluminum Panels in a Silver color for the Oculus of the WestZone Complex—the iconic structure that serves as the center of the Clemson Athletic District. The metal accentuates the tower while providing a shimmering effect. During the day, sunlight modulates the intensity of the material, and accent lighting causes a dramatic effect at night.

Pickens Roofing installed 21,625 square feet of the single-skin metal panel system. Sealants, gaskets, caulk and tape were not needed for the installation. The panels, which are 100 percent recyclable, are available in any painted color and are sized and detailed to meet the specific requirements of each project.

“A metal panel rainscreen was selected because it could easily be faceted to clad the cylindrical geometry of the tower,” says Jaime Henderson, associate architect with LS3P. “The rainscreen system did not require any sealants or gaskets, which was an important maintenance consideration for a 140-foot-tall tower.”

LS3P also appreciated that the panels are an integrated system that does not have separate panel and reveal pieces. This feature allows installations to be completed faster and with increased precision. “The speed of installation proved to be vital, as the project had to be complete by the start of football season,” Henderson says. “Scheduling of scaffolding and other concurrent work mandated a quick installation.”

Wall Panel System Manufacturer: Dri-Design

The Retrofit

LS3P was asked to renovate the existing west end zone and include a new pedestrian bridge and tower. Logistically, this renovation improves safety at the stadium and enhances the fan experience. Physically, the Oculus creates a sense of balance with the stadium’s size and provides a logical transition from the pedestrian scale at street level to the multi-level scale of the stadium seating.

The Oculus was the final phase of the WestZone Complex three-phase project. The 6,000-square-foot addition has four levels and serves as a gateway to the stadium and tigers pride. The tower complements Tillman Hall bell tower by perfectly aligning along a campus axis.

Photo: Mark Kempf, St. Louis

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