PROSOCO and Adam Cohen Partner to Make Energy-efficient Construction Affordable

PROSOCO announces a partnership with architect, builder and Passive House consultant Adam Cohen in a move designed to make durable, super-energy-efficient construction simple, affordable and accessible for any builder, architect, developer or homeowner.

Cohen’s creation of three revolutionary products—pre-fabricated, energy-efficient wall panels, slab foundation forms and precast and insulated basements—will be available commercially through the new entity, called Build Smart.

The Build Smart products solve several problems in the marketplace for energy-efficient design and construction:

    1. It can increase cost. The high-performing Build Smart system makes extreme-energy-efficient construction affordable.

  • For single-family projects, the Build Smart system yields a 65 to 75 percent reduction in energy bills, easily offsetting the monthly cost for the fractional increase in construction cost.
  • For multi-family and larger commercial projects, the Build Smart system can typically be implemented for market rate with no cost premium by applying the savings from the 40 to 60 percent mechanical system size reduction to the envelope improvements.
    2. It can be complicated. Build Smart simplifies the process of building a high-performance, energy-efficient structure. The factory-manufactured modular components come with pre-installed, energy-efficient windows and doors. Continuously insulated panels, precast and insulated basements, and slab foundation forms are delivered directly to the job site for simple final assembly by conventional builders and trades.

    3. It can look unusual. Build Smart panels allow the use of traditional designs.

“I created these products for my design/build work, and I’ve long wanted to bring them to a wider audience,” Cohen says. “I’m extremely pleased that it’s finally possible through the Build Smart partnership with PROSOCO. The ultimate goal is to change the way we build in North America to bring energy efficiency within reach for anyone.”

PROSOCO’s R-Guard products are a natural fit with the Build Smart system. They’re designed to work in real-world conditions of both the new construction and building repair industries—that includes substrates that are frequently wet and not pristine, and working conditions that are seldom ideal, says David Boyer, president and CEO of PROSOCO.

“Build Smart takes this mindset one step further,” Boyer says. “Site erection is fast using the same R-Guard detailing products already available. This dramatically reduces the construction cycle and maximizes productivity—and profits—of quality builders whose clients now demand durable, energy-efficient buildings.”

“By standardizing the components, the computer modeling for the client’s desired building performance is streamlined. Build Smart delivers quality-assured, pre-assembled building modules that maximize energy efficiency while minimizing cost.”

The Build Smart products—which are ideal for use on residential, multi-family, commercial or mixed-use spaces—will be available for order this fall. The Build Smart modules will be on display at the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) conference, Sept. 9-13, 2015, in Chicago.

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