PROSOCO Provides Components for Cavity Wall System

CavityComplete, a complete cavity wall system, has announced PROSOCO as a provider of air and moisture barrier products.

PROSOCO contributes components that have been tested and proven to work together with existing system solutions to help manage air, vapor and water movement. PROSOCO joins Owens Corning Sales LLC, Heckmann Building Products, Mortar Net Solutions and Rodenhouse Inc. in creating CavityComplete’s comprehensive cavity wall system.

“We believe PROSOCO’s commitment to innovation and quality standards in the air and water barrier market abides by CavityComplete’s vision of providing a solution for masonry cavity wall systems,” says Brian Koenings, director of sales and marketing at PROSOCO. “PROSOCO’s collaboration with other manufacturers will provide architects and specifiers with more expertise and quality products.”

The CavityComplete Wall System is a complete cavity wall system that includes components supplied by manufacturers, supported by a unified systems warranty available to reduce liability and allow architects and specifiers to design and specify with confidence. CavityComplete is a wall system in which all components were tested together in an assembly to produce systemized codes and standards compliance data.

When combined, the components produce wall systems that provide thermal efficiency, continuous insulation, fire resistance, air and water management, vapor resistance and veneer anchoring. Each wall system in the portfolio is engineered to allow the designer options in continuous insulation and cladding choices, as well as to maximize performance by climatic region.

“PROSOCO brings a range of expertise and products that will help the CavityComplete Wall System meet the needs of architects and specifiers,” says Herbert Slone, chief architect for Owens Corning. “We look forward to working with PROSOCO as we continue to provide cavity wall systems that are code-compliant, easy to specify and tested for performance and compatibility.”

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