Pump Module Controls Active Chilled Beams in Multiple Zones

The NEUTON–Multiple Zone is a controlled chilled beam pump module capable of controlling active chilled beams in up to five small rooms.

The NEUTON–Multiple Zone is a controlled chilled beam pump module capable of controlling active chilled beams in up to five small rooms.

SEMCO LLC has introduced the NEUTON–Multiple Zone, a controlled chilled beam pump module (CCBPM) capable of controlling active chilled beams in up to five small rooms in office buildings, hospitals, schools or other commercial buildings.

The NEUTON–Multiple Zone consists of modified onboard software, combination temperature/humidity monitoring sensors and thermostatically-controlled hydronic valves for up to five zones, and an original NEUTON CCBPM, winner of an AHR Innovation Award at the 2016 Air Conditioning Heating Refrigeration Expo. The NEUTON-Multiple Zone won the Silver Award in the Dealer Design Awards (DDA) Component Controls category sponsored by the HVAC trade magazine, “Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration News” (ACHRNEWS).

While the original NEUTON was designed to control up to 10 chilled beams in a single zone, the NEUTON–Multiple Zone can control several chilled beam spaces with similar heating/cooling/humidity loads, such as single user offices, library study rooms, hospital rooms and other small spaces. This cuts project chilled beam control equipment and installation costs by 60 percent, while providing personalized air comfort.

The included Advanced Logic premium room monitor/sensor reports temperature information to the NEUTON, which is connected to and compatible with all building management system (BMS) brand protocols. Individual zone temperature is achieved through set points at the BMS or at the NEUTON pump module when a BMS is absent. The NEUTON supplies 58F water from the building water loop; however each BELIMO thermostatically-controlled valve (available in two-way or three-way configurations) achieves its chilled beam’s preset temperature, which is always set above the dew point of the room. Meanwhile, the preset relative humidity (RH) is controlled via the dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), which supplies dehumidified outdoor air to the active chilled beam of a zone.

The original NEUTON is a HVAC hydronic specification product for both new construction and retrofitted buildings that require air comfort, energy efficiency and reduced construction and equipment costs. NEUTON is a packaged plug-and-play module with its own powered integrated direct digital controller, chilled and hot water connections, valves, variable-speed electronically commutated (EC) motor pumps, smart sensors and other features.

The intuitiveness of NEUTON reduces the expense of size of a separate chiller, boiler and secondary water distribution system associated with conventional chilled beam HVAC designs. Instead, each NEUTON blends and re-circulates return water within its zone to convert typical 42F and 140F primary loop water temperatures to optimal 58F or 100F chilled beam discharge temperatures. This prevents cooling mode condensation and heating season heat stratification. Using a CCBPM design versus a traditional chilled beam layout reduces job piping material/labor costs by up to 35 percent because two-pipe configurations can provide the same heating/cooling performance as a four-pipe configuration. The main supply loop piping diameter can also be reduced for additional construction savings.

Other features of the NEUTON–Multiple Single Zone is:

  • thermostatically-controlled valves can be installed in a labor and material-saving manifold configuration near the NEUTON pump module or individually near each chilled beam
  • One NEUTON and its 12-gpm pump can accommodate five offices (zones) averaging 120 square feet each (10-by-12-foot room, load dependent)
  • both chilled beam retrofit and new construction projects are suitable applications
  • smaller boiler and chiller sizes are applicable in NEUTON projects, which results in less upfront capital for equipment and reduced operational expenses
  • CO2 monitoring is an option
  • 208V or 230V single phase variable speed ECM pump motor is more efficient and saves up to 90 percent energy while providing the same BTUs as conventional loop pumps with two-way on/off valves

For more information on the SEMCO NEUTON product line or other chilled beam and DOAS products, please call (888) 473-6264, visit the website, or email [email protected].

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