QMotion Reduces Carbon Footprint by Updating Packaging

Final product packaging is always a concern for manufacturers. In an effort to make product unpacking easier for installers, QMotion Advanced Shading Systems introduced packaging that not only protects the product in shipping but enables the company to achieve one of its key objectives of becoming a more environmentally sustainable organization.

Moving from compressed paperboard to cardboard, QMotion products are now easier for installers to remove from the package. In addition, the boxes are 100 percent recyclable so installers can quickly collapse and compact the cardboard instead of having to transport bulky packaging to landfills.

Through its packaging process, QMotion has reduced:

  • Approximately 10 inbound delivery truckloads per year to the company and effectively lowering its overall carbon footprint.
  • The amount of wood used for palletizing by increasing each pallet’s box capacity in a smaller storage space, which allows for more warehouse square footage to be used for production.
  • Overall shipping weight by about 60,000 pounds per year.

“As we strive to become a more environmentally friendly business, measures like this really add up to make a difference,” says Gene Demestre, vice president of sales and marketing. “This packaging initiative compliments our other green commitments, like offering numerous shade fabrics made of recycled content that help consumers reduce energy consumption.”

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