Quietly Motorize Window Coverings

Somfy Systems Inc.'s Sonesse Ultra 50 motor rangeSomfy Systems Inc.'s Sonesse Ultra 50 motor range

Somfy Systems Inc.'s Sonesse Ultra 50 motor range

Somfy Systems Inc.’s Sonesse Ultra 50 motor range

Somfy Systems Inc., a manufacturer of motors and controls for interior and exterior window coverings, is launching the new Sonesse Ultra 50 motor range, the quietest and strongest range on the market. This ultra-powerful and ultra-quiet solution can motorize a wide variety of window coverings, and is available in line voltage AC and low voltage DC. The Sonesse Ultra’s unparalleled acoustic performance makes for an optimal near-silent user experience.

The flexible Sonesse Ultra offers a solution for both residential and commercial installations. In the home, window coverings powered by Somfy Sonesse Ultra motors can provide users with energy savings, privacy, and comfort. Additionally, the Sonesse Ultra range of motors can be integrated into many of the industry’s leading home automation systems to provide homeowners with an added convenience. Sonesse Ultra motors can also be incorporated into commercial façade management systems to create a more comfortable and energy efficient work environment for building occupants and building managers. The motor range is compatible with Somfy’s full range of control options and technologies, including wired, Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS), and RS485 network options.


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