RAC Launches eCommerce Program

Rinnai America Corp. (RAC) has launched an eCommerce Program – that will include, an Authorized E-Tailer Agreement and an Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) Policy.

Demonstrating RAC’s commitment to quality, this initiative will establish a formal Authorized E-Tailer Program. To qualify, E-Tailers must demonstrate the willingness and ability to provide a Rinnai-branded online experience. Authorized E-Tailers will provide a platform for digital merchandising; support consumers with product research & selection assistance; and deliver customer service. All Authorized E-Tailers will be required to sign agreements with RAC that govern the terms of their ongoing participation in the program. Authorized E-Tailers will be exclusively permitted to source products through Rinnai’s distribution partners and use Rinnai digital assets to sell Rinnai products online.

In conjunction with the Authorized E-Tailer Program, RAC will implement an Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) Policy, covering select Rinnai products. An IMAP Policy will ensure a consumer-friendly experience while preserving the equity of the Rinnai brand across the Internet.

RAC’s current distributor agreement does not normally allow distributors to sell to customers who resell Rinnai products through the Internet. However, following the launch of Rinnai’s new eCommerce program, all distributors will be permitted to sell products to Authorized E-Tailers for the purpose of online consumer sales. In the coming weeks we will communicate complete program details including new E-Tailer Distribution Policy. The current list of Authorized E-Tailers, IMAP Policy, and IMAP model level detail is available at here.

Visit the website for more information about Rinnai and the company’ product portfolio.

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