RdB Launches Website about Window Retrofitting Capabilities

RENOVATE by Berkowitz LLC (RbB) has launched a new website. The user-friendly website offers detailed performance information, real-world case studies, videos and brochures on how the revolutionary Renovate by Berkowitz (Renovate) window retrofit system can make 30- to 60-year-old commercial buildings more energy efficient.

Arthur Berkowitz, president and CEO of J.E. Berkowitz, the parent company for RbB, says: “We are excited to launch the new website for Renovate. It’s a one-stop shop for building owners, property managers, and building consultants who are looking for an energy-efficient, but budget-conscious solution to updating aging commercial buildings across the country.”

By clicking on “The RENOVATE System” tab, browsers can learn about the different Renovate system configurations and determine which most efficiently meets the goals of their window retrofit project. In addition, visitors can read detailed performance information on the Renovate systems and the high-performance glass coatings that are used.

The website also offers a “Portfolio”, where visitors can read case studies about commercial buildings that have been updated with the patented Renovate system.

Darrell Cherry, RbB business development manager, adds, “The new site is a big upgrade over the one it replaces. It?s easier to navigate, provides great visuals, and is filled with information.”

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