Rebates Are Now Offered for LG’s LED Troffers and Retrofit Kits

LED lighting manufacturer LG Electronics announced that its Performance Line of LED troffers and retrofit kits are now qualified for the maximum level rebate ($30 per kilolumen) under the new Troffer & Troffer Integrated Retrofit Kit offering from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E).

Designed to help commercial customers and facility managers replace aging, inefficient equipment with energy-efficient alternatives, the program also is the first to offer rebates for high-efficacy products 125 lumens per watt and higher, ensuring a high standard of energy efficiency.

Through electric program administrators and utility program managers in California, commercial building owners can receive significant utility rebates for installing the new, super-efficient LG lighting systems. LG offers 12 fixtures eligible for the maximum rebate level based on a per-kilolumen basis.

“PG&E is excited to offer this new and innovative rebate that incentivizes customers to buy the most efficient troffers in the market. This effort will ultimately help us reduce energy consumption and meet our state’s energy savings targets,” says Pauravi Shah, commercial product manager at PG&E.

The available models and rebates available are outlined below across four categories:

  • Category: Integrated Retrofit Kits for 2×2 Luminaires (estimated savings up to $113)
    LG Model FRS618D2HRA
    LG Model FRS618D3HRA

  • Category: Integrated Retrofit Kits for 2×4 Luminaires (estimated savings up to $132)
    LG Model FRR626D3HRA
    LG Model FRR626D2HRA
    LG Model FRR634D2HRB
    LG Model FRR634D3HRB

  • Category: 2×2 Luminaires for Ambient Lighting of Interior Commercial Spaces (estimated savings up to $72)
    LG Model FRS618D3H0A
    LG Model FRS618D2H0A

  • Category: 2×4 Luminaires for Ambient Lighting of Interior Commercial Spaces (estimated savings up to $130)
    LG Model FRR626D3H0A
    LG Model FRR634D2H0B
    LG Model FRR634D3H0B
    LG Model FRR626D2H0A

LG’s LED troffers—with ZigBee wireless controls capabilities that allow for Title 24 compliance using third-party wireless controls systems—are ideal for small- and medium-sized office applications. Building managers can use a mobile application, available on Android devices, to group and ungroup fixtures at the touch of a button for the first time.

“LG is committed to addressing the evolving needs of the commercial market with advanced LED technologies, and having our products eligible within this rebate program makes them an even more attractive solution for the growing number of retrofit projects,” says Sean Lafferty, head of LG’s U.S. LED lighting business.

“LG’s troffers are among the most energy efficient on the market, increasing return on investment for business owners, can be installed in minimal time and feature an aesthetically pleasing lighting design that provides soft light and visual comfort in workplace environments. We look forward to bringing these benefits to even more commercial customers across the country as similar rebate programs emerge in other states,” Lafferty says.

For pricing and availability in the PG&E territory, please contact Advantage Lighting Technologies. For more information on LG’s U.S. lighting portfolio, please visit LG’s lighting website.

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