Receive Energy-upgrade Financing More Quickly

Ygrene Energy Fund, a provider of clean energy finance programs for local governments, has announced a strategic partnership with FNF Green LLC, the environmental branch of Fidelity National Financial Inc., one the nation’s largest providers of title insurance and diversified real-estate services. Under the partnership, FNF Green LLC will power the Ygrene Data Report, an automated, web-based administrative platform that qualifies property owners for Ygrene’s energy upgrade financing programs in seconds. As a result, the partnership will create the fastest energy upgrade financing process available and greatly expand access to energy upgrade financing.

The Ygrene Data Report instantly populates title and financial data from FNF Green LLC for every property in Ygrene’s clean energy financing districts, ensuring properties meet the program’s underwriting guidelines. The report enables property owners to quickly finance loans and contractors to easily qualify projects, while Ygrene’s state-of-the-art software allows government staff to monitor their energy upgrade financing programs via web, mobile device or in person at Ygrene Energy Centers. The automated system will be available nationally, quickly providing critical information necessary to pre-qualify and approve properties for Ygrene’s energy upgrade loans that are repaid through property taxes.

By entering their address into the Ygrene Property Report, property owners can instantly see the exact amount of available financing to install energy- and water-efficiency upgrades, renewable energy and, in Florida, wind protection projects. Data provided by FNF Green LLC also enables contractors to quickly pre-qualify their customers, simplifying the process and accelerating clean energy adoption.

Each $100 million invested in Ygrene energy upgrade financing programs creates 1,500 jobs and $250 million in economic activity while boosting property values and reducing energy costs.

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