Redesigned UV Fixture Improves HVAC Performance and IAQ

UV Resources' X-Plus UV light fixtureUV Resources' X-Plus UV light fixture

UV Resources' X-Plus UV light fixture

UV Resources’ X-Plus UV light fixture

The redesigned X-Plus UV fixture from UV Resources accommodates 17- to 61-inch extended base lamps, which easily mount from the exterior of any HVAC system, air handler, plenum or duct, making it a low-cost, reliable and quickly serviceable unit.

Because the NEMA-rated unit mounts from the exterior and requires no interior unit access, the redesigned X-Plus extended UV-C lamp-base series is ideal for hard-to-access outdoor and indoor HVAC equipment up to 30 tons, including rooftop package units, through-the-wall, or fan coil units. Benefits from the new X-Plus include improved heat transfer, reduced energy use, lower odor and maintenance, reduced cleaning downtime and damage, and “sustained” capacity of an air conditioning system while improving IAQ.

The inexpensive single-ended fixture accommodates lamps up to 61 inches in length and offers important safety features that include a lockable access cover, two power interlocks that limit UV exposure and prevent electrical shock, and a shatter-proof lamp option. Suitable for new systems and as a retrofit product, the rugged and extremely adaptable X-Plus fixture can be easily installed in most light-commercial, commercial, industrial, health-care and high-security applications.

Designed to maximize lamp strength, UV and heat resistance, the X-Plus extended base lamps are constructed using a 2-inch ceramic base fitted with a longer-reach filament, allowing the lamp—and, most importantly, the new filament—to extend beyond the air handler’s insulation or a double-wall plenum and into the airstream for improved lamp performance and life.

This is important because improper placement of the filament, within insulation and/or plenum wall materials, can allow heat to reflect back on the filament, raising its temperature to levels that are detrimental to lamp performance and operational life.

Ideal for a full-range of applications including airstreams of 1 to 77 degrees C, 100-percent RH, and any velocity, the NEMA 4X-rated fixtures and lamps resist moisture/water damage. The exclusive EncapsuLamp (FEP lamp coating) technology option insulates lamps from temperature changes, which can negatively affect lamp output, life and performance, as well as protecting installers, plenums and airstreams from lamp residues, such as gas, mercury and glass, should an accidental lamp break occur.

The UV-C wavelength is known to reliably provide cleaner, healthier air by preventing microbial buildup in cooling coils, drain pans and duct surfaces. It cleans coils, drain pans and other surfaces and also kills pathogens on surfaces and in airstreams.

The new, patent-pending X-Plus fixture builds on these benefits with an updated UL/CUL listed ballast for more power and flexibility, a ballast pull-ring to simplify lamp/ballast removal and a lamp support to allow use of much longer lamps. The improved version nearly doubles lamp-length compatibility from 33 to 61 inches, and its new ballast provides greater voltage flexibility from 120V to 208/230/240V and 277Vac, or anything in between. The new ballast automatically matches both its output voltage and current to the unique power requirements of a particular lamp’s ratings.

Also announced are four, new, extended-base lamp lengths of 23, 36, 45 and 60 inches. The new lamp base delivers additional support and an extended reach to perfectly clear double-wall systems, regardless of size. The new lamps contain less than 8 milligrams of mercury, consistent with current environmental practices.

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