Register for a Live Walk-through of Virtual Conference Booth

Construction Specialties (CS) is launching CSLive, a 3-D virtual conference booth event. Attendees will register for a live, interactive walk-through of Construction Specialties’ conference show booth and will be able to connect with experts, watch product demonstrations, and learn about how CS’ interior and exterior product solutions are designed to make buildings better — all from the comfort of their own couches.

CSLive, a 3-D virtual conference booth event.
Join CSLive, a 3-D virtual conference booth event. Shake It Up! is on July 15 (right), and Design with Purpose is on July 16 (left).

Interactive 3-D Walk-through

CS announces their virtual platform — CSLive — where attendees can learn about CS’ products and latest developments. At CSLive, attendees need not leave the comfort of their own homes or offices. The virtual tour may be taken at participants’ own pace. Not only will attendees enjoy the same look and feel as an actual trade show, CS hosts will walk through how each product works, and experts will be on hand for a live Q&A session, enabling attendees to connect with CS specialists just like they would in person.

Featuring DriftReady Stairs and a Live Earthquake Simulation

CSLive Shake It Up! (Day 1, July 15) features a live earthquake simulation demonstrating the safest, most resilient stairs solution in the seismic market today — DriftReady Stairs. DriftReady Stairs are designed to flex, but remain stable, during and after a seismic event, allowing for safe egress of occupants and safe ingress of first responders.

Attendees will see firsthand how the DriftReady Stairs accommodate interstory drift of 4 percent and beyond (2.5 percent is the accepted industry standard) while not transferring damaging forces back into the structure. DriftReady Stairs can be custom engineered to suit any construction project looking for a resilient stair solution. 

CSLive Schedule at a Glance

Discover the new innovations CS has developed. CSLive event details:

  • CSLive Shake It Up!

See how CS is shaking up the industry, shaking up the architectural community, and shaking up seismic solutions! Get the scoop on DriftReady Stairs and be the first to experience a live earthquake simulation showing DriftReady Stairs at work!

Featured exterior product solutions:

  • CSLive Design with Purpose

From walls and curtains to doors and floors, explore the value and possibilities that our interior product solutions can create for you and discover how we Design with Purpose.

Featured interior product solutions:

Please register only once to enjoy both days of the show.

Once registered, attendees will be sent information and a link to CSLive.

For more information about CSLive and the show’s featured products, please contact Kelly Winkler at [email protected] or (717) 517-9944 x107.

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